path: root/filters/f_autoconvert.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* vf_format: add gross mechanism for forcing scaler for testingwm42020-04-131-0/+2
* f_autoconvert: remove subfmt conversion BSwm42020-01-171-67/+0
* f_autoconvert: usw f_hwtransfer properlywm42020-01-121-2/+4
* video: mess with the filte chain to enable zimg IMGFMT_RGB30 outputwm42019-11-021-1/+1
* filters: extend vf_format so that it can convert color parameterswm42019-10-211-2/+43
* vf_d3d11vpp: remove RGB conversion hackwm42019-10-161-3/+0
* f_autoconvert: provide a function to determine if conversion workswm42019-10-021-41/+62
* f_autoconvert: add hw->sw download pathwm42019-10-021-18/+64
* f_output_chain: log status of auto filterswm42018-04-291-0/+5
* audio: do not try to resample spdif datawm42018-04-151-0/+5
* audio: change format negotiation, remove channel remix fudgingwm42018-04-151-6/+36
* f_autoconvert: be less clever about running specific codepathswm42018-04-151-28/+14
* audio: rewrite filtering glue codewm42018-01-301-0/+159
* video: rewrite filtering glue codewm42018-01-301-0/+288