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* Remove trailing whitespace from most filesUoti Urpala2009-07-071-10/+10
* Translation system changes part 2: replace macros by stringsAmar Takhar2009-07-071-8/+10
* Translation system changes part 1: wrap translated stringsAmar Takhar2009-07-071-8/+8
* all cosmetics, mainly denestifying of main edl operation's fill loopreynaldo2006-07-051-51/+59
* fixes 1000l bug that made MPlayer segfault when an overlaping edl line was foundreynaldo2006-07-051-1/+1
* corectly report badly formated line numberreynaldo2006-07-051-1/+1
* reverts previous commit due to mixed cosmetics ...reynaldo2006-07-051-57/+51
* - Fix segfault on overlapping start/stopreynaldo2006-07-041-51/+57
* Make EDL compilation unconditionaluau2006-04-271-4/+0
* remove edl.c pre-alloc, more readble and safe codeods152006-03-101-13/+10
* Patch by Stefan Huehner / stefan % huehner ! org \rathann2006-02-091-1/+1
* Fix EDL to be per file, allow -edlout and -edl together as there is reallyods152005-12-061-18/+0
* Some to-be-redundant EDL code moved to edl.c with mencoder's edl in mind. Sta...reynaldo2005-02-251-78/+55
* several sets of headers declare global variables in them, which causes multip...iive2005-01-291-0/+3
* Hardcoded EDL messages moved to help_mp-en.h, Doxygen comments added, patchdiego2004-09-171-14/+29
* EDL enhancement/fixes:rtognimp2004-08-281-0/+161