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* ytdl_hook, edl: implement pseudo-DASH supportwm42017-02-041-1/+3
| | | | | | | | | We use the metadata provided by youtube-dl to sort-of implement fragmented DASH streaming. This is all a bit hacky, but hopefully a makeshift solution until libavformat has proper mechanisms. (Although in danger of being one of those temporary hacks that become permanent.)
* demux: timeline: honor quit requestswm42015-02-201-0/+1
* demux: add free_demuxer_and_stream() functionwm42015-02-201-5/+2
| | | | | Although their lifetimes are conceptually different, it happens often that a demuxer is destroyed together with its stream.
* player: use a separate context for timeline loader stuffwm42015-02-171-0/+42
Instead of accessing MPContext in player/timeline/*, create a separate context struct, which the timeline loaders fill out. It turns out that there's not much in the way too big MPContext that these need to access. One major PITA is managing (and closing) the set of open demuxers. The problem is that we need a list of all demuxers to make sure no unneeded streams are enabled. This adds a callback to the demuxer_desc struct, with the intention of leaving to to the demuxer to call the right loader, instead of explicitly checking the demuxer type and dispatching manually in common code. I also considered making the timeline part of the demuxer state, but decided against: it's too much of a mess wrt. memory management and threading, and also doesn't make it clear who owns the child demuxers. With the struct timeline decoupled from the demuxer state, it's at least somewhat clear that the child demuxers are independent from the "main" demuxer. The actual changes to player/timeline/* are separated in the following commits, because they're quite verbose. Some artifacts will be removed later as soon as there's only 1 timeline loading mechanism.