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* core: move contents to mpvcore (1/2)Stefano Pigozzi2013-08-061-4747/+0
* core: change speed option/property to doublewm42013-08-051-1/+1
* options: don't make options set during playback file local (e.g. --vf)wm42013-08-021-16/+16
* mplayer: add more verbose exit codesAndre D2013-08-021-13/+51
* audio/out: add support for new logging APIStefano Pigozzi2013-08-011-2/+3
* video/out: use new mp_msg stuff for vo.c and vo_openglwm42013-07-311-1/+1
* mp_msg: introduce new log functions and macroswm42013-07-311-6/+15
* options: handle presets directly in m_configwm42013-07-311-1/+1
* vdpau: split off decoder parts, use "new" libavcodec vdpau hwaccel APIwm42013-07-281-1/+6
* m_config: refactor some thingswm42013-07-281-15/+12
* core: make mpctx->opts a pointerwm42013-07-281-98/+99
* options: simplify --correct-pts handlingwm42013-07-261-8/+0
* getch2, mplayer: Always call load_termcapDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-251-2/+0
* mplayer: remove dead codewm42013-07-241-2/+0
* Fix some -Wshadow warningswm42013-07-231-16/+16
* mplayer: cosmetics: move functionwm42013-07-221-32/+25
* core: make --demuxer not affect external subtitleswm42013-07-221-1/+1
* audio/filter: use new option APIwm42013-07-221-33/+52
* options: use new option code for --aowm42013-07-211-13/+4
* mplayer: simplify AO creationwm42013-07-211-13/+22
* options: use new code for parsing --vowm42013-07-211-6/+4
* video: redo how colorspaces are handledwm42013-07-161-0/+1
* core: move video refresh function to mplayer.cwm42013-07-161-0/+10
* Fix build on Libavwm42013-07-151-0/+1
* sd_add: add terrible hack for (xy-)vsfilter compatibilitywm42013-07-151-0/+6
* Merge branch 'remove_old_demuxers'wm42013-07-141-235/+174
| * mplayer: remove generic duration calculationwm42013-07-121-11/+1
| * demux: assume correct-pts mode by defaultwm42013-07-121-3/+3
| * demux: rewrite probing and demuxer initializationwm42013-07-121-3/+3
| * mplayer: minor memory leak in error handling codewm42013-07-121-0/+1
| * core: change open_stream and demux_open signaturewm42013-07-121-30/+4
| * core: completely change handling of attached picture pseudo videowm42013-07-111-16/+49
| * demux: improve DVD sub auto-selection hackwm42013-07-111-18/+8
| * video: eliminate frametime variablewm42013-07-111-13/+9
| * core: don't access demux_stream outside of demux.c, make it privatewm42013-07-111-15/+17
| * mplayer: invert negated boolean variablewm42013-07-111-10/+10
| * mplayer: fix incorrect audio sync after format changeswm42013-07-111-2/+6
| * mplayer: remove "old" audio PTS calculation codewm42013-07-111-27/+9
| * mplayer: don't set bogus video pts after seek resetwm42013-07-111-5/+2
| * demux: remove facility for partial packet readswm42013-07-111-56/+30
| * core: remove demux_mpg subtitle PTS hackwm42013-07-101-23/+4
| * core: simplify some no-correct-pts codewm42013-07-101-33/+13
| * core: move code from demux/video.c to mplayer.cwm42013-07-101-0/+63
| * audio: remove decoder input bufferwm42013-07-101-4/+2
| * options: remove --ignore-startwm42013-07-081-9/+0
| * demux: simplify demux_open() callswm42013-07-081-10/+1
| * demux: remove separate arrays for audio/video/sub streams, simplifywm42013-07-081-9/+6
| * demux: remove video_read_propertieswm42013-07-081-18/+13
* | options: add --cache-default optionwm42013-07-101-0/+2
* cocoa: remove usage of mp_fifoStefano Pigozzi2013-07-031-1/+0
* core: cleanup more mp_fifo leftoverswm42013-07-021-1/+0
* core: remove mp_fifo indirectionwm42013-07-021-15/+11
* core: update metadata during playback, allow streams to export metadatawm42013-07-021-0/+5
* sub: update subtitle time offset even if pausedwm42013-06-291-5/+5
* mplayer: don't hide mouse cursor if mouse is inside mouse areawm42013-06-291-1/+1
* input: handle mouse movement differentlywm42013-06-291-9/+3
* command: add properties for playlist positionwm42013-06-291-0/+10
* core: add libquvi 0.9 supportwm42013-06-281-5/+43
* core: rename mplayer.h and quvi.cwm42013-06-281-1/+1
* Merge branch 'sub_mess2'wm42013-06-251-78/+32
| * sub: add demux_libass wrapper, drop old hackswm42013-06-251-71/+12
| * core: don't set correct-pts mode randomlywm42013-06-251-0/+8
| * subreader: turn into actual demuxerwm42013-06-251-7/+2
| * Move/rename subreader.cwm42013-06-251-1/+1
| * sub: preload external text subtitleswm42013-06-231-0/+10
| * sub: remove redundant conditionwm42013-06-231-2/+2
* | encoding: use --start for ratios, etc.Rudolf Polzer2013-06-201-6/+23
* | command line: allow --o= to disable encoding (i.e. empty string file name)Rudolf Polzer2013-06-201-3/+3
* | encode_lavc: simplify encoding status output; remove percentageRudolf Polzer2013-06-201-11/+3
* Merge branch 'cache_new'wm42013-06-161-21/+18
| * cache: make the stream cache a proper stream that wraps other streamswm42013-06-161-10/+9
| * core: use STREAM_CTRL instead of accessing stream_dvd internalswm42013-06-091-11/+9
* | audio/out: remove ao->outburst/buffersize fieldswm42013-06-161-1/+0
* | mplayer: update window title if its properties changeJohn Hawthorn2013-06-161-10/+18
* | video/out: introduce VOCTRL_UPDATE_WINDOW_TITLEwm42013-06-151-0/+1
* | x11: enable screensaver when paused, rename/change --stop-xscreensaverwm42013-06-141-2/+3
* | core: introduce separate VOCTRLs for screensaver stop/resumewm42013-06-141-8/+14
* | mplayer: save sub-visibility propertywm42013-06-131-1/+1
* | mplayer: try to handle PTS forward jumpswm42013-06-131-1/+6
* core: make options.c compile standalonewm42013-06-081-16/+7
* core: rename cfg-mplayer.h to options.cwm42013-06-081-2/+2
* core: merge defaultopts.c into cfg-mplayer.hwm42013-06-081-2/+1
* Merge branch 'sub_mess'wm42013-06-041-265/+150
| * sub: always show subtitles on terminal with -no-videowm42013-06-041-2/+4
| * sub: pass subtitle packets directlywm42013-06-031-11/+8
| * sub: use libass even if -no-ass is usedwm42013-06-031-2/+1
| * sub: turn subassconvert_ functions into sub converterswm42013-06-031-20/+15
| * sub: basic subtitle converterswm42013-06-031-7/+0
| * sub: refactorwm42013-06-011-31/+49
| * core: add demux_sub pseudo demuxerwm42013-06-011-36/+39
| * sub: various minor subtitle related changeswm42013-06-011-11/+10
| * sub: remove some global variableswm42013-05-301-5/+6
| * sub: add sd_spu.c to wrap spudec, cleanup mplayer.cwm42013-05-301-109/+18
| * sub: use DVD PTS fallback code in normal sub decoding pathwm42013-05-301-0/+14
| * sub: redo how -no-ass is handledwm42013-05-301-96/+51
* | osx: add Apple Remote supportStefano Pigozzi2013-06-031-1/+1
* | osx: create macosx_events to deal with keyDown eventsStefano Pigozzi2013-06-031-0/+1
* core: avoid deselecting and reselecting stream needlesslywm42013-05-291-2/+6
* mplayer: fix volume setting with --gapless-audiowm42013-05-291-15/+25
* mplayer: output status line normally with --no-consolecontrolswm42013-05-271-1/+1
* Replace calls to usec_sleep()wm42013-05-261-1/+1
* Replace all calls to GetTimer()/GetTimerMS()wm42013-05-261-45/+36
* vo: rip out VO timer wakeup mechanism againwm42013-05-261-12/+2
* timer: refactor, add 64 bit timer functionwm42013-05-261-5/+2
* core: do mouse cursor hiding business in frontendwm42013-05-261-0/+29
* macosx_application: implement "Quit & remember position"Stefano Pigozzi2013-05-231-1/+1
* mplayer: don't cut status line if --no-consolecontrols is usedwm42013-05-211-1/+4
* mplayer: re-add some legacy slave mode output for issue #92wm42013-05-211-5/+15
* core: allow changing filter filters at runtimewm42013-05-181-12/+34
* options: fix exit code when using help optionswm42013-05-151-6/+10
* mplayer: potentially fix main() return valuewm42013-05-151-2/+2
* options: add --versionwm42013-05-151-0/+7
* core: re-add -dumpstream as --stream-dumpwm42013-05-121-0/+34
* core: add --stream-capturewm42013-05-121-0/+2
* Merge branch 'audio_changes'wm42013-05-121-9/+15
| * audio: print channel map additionally to channel count on terminalwm42013-05-121-6/+4
| * audio: remove useless audio channels from AO, unless requestedwm42013-05-121-0/+2
| * core: use channel map on demuxer level toowm42013-05-121-2/+5
| * audio/out: switch to channel mapwm42013-05-121-4/+4
| * options: add option to prevent decoder audio downmixingwm42013-04-131-2/+2
| * audio: switch to libavcodec channel order, use libavresample for mixingwm42013-04-131-0/+3
* | OSX: run native event loop in a separate threadStefano Pigozzi2013-05-121-34/+17
* | OSX: use native Cocoa's event loopStefano Pigozzi2013-05-121-2/+43
* | core: refactor seek_chapter() functionwm42013-05-091-32/+42
* | demux: remove retrieval of chapter end timewm42013-05-061-1/+1
* | core: add playback resume feature (manual/opt-in)wm42013-05-051-1/+124
* | mplayer: factor config dir creationwm42013-05-051-18/+23
* | core: ignore backstep command if demuxer is not capablewm42013-05-051-4/+7
* | core: move demuxer time reporting to demuxerwm42013-05-051-8/+4
* | mplayer: put space before encoding part of status linewm42013-04-271-1/+1
* | core: simplify handling of --pausewm42013-04-251-18/+13
* | core: don't let cache pause handling and user pausing conflictwm42013-04-251-7/+22
* | core: fix bogus condition that broke backstepping with last commitwm42013-04-251-1/+1
* | core: fix backstepping with ordered chapterswm42013-04-251-5/+13
* | core: add backstep supportwm42013-04-241-6/+93
* | mplayer: apply hrseek framedrop only when doing hrseekwm42013-04-241-2/+2
* | mplayer: prefer -sub/-subfile subs over auto-loaded subswm42013-04-201-2/+8
* | core: display subtitle codec in track listingwm42013-04-201-2/+9
* | demux: remove some unused sh_video_t fieldswm42013-04-201-5/+0
* | sub, demux: identify subtitle types with the codec namewm42013-04-201-8/+6
* | mplayer: take tracks from first segment if main file is emptywm42013-04-201-3/+9
* core: remove dead --vsync leftoverswm42013-04-121-2/+1
* mplayer: remove unnecessary variablewm42013-04-101-6/+4
* core: add --reset-on-next-file optionwm42013-04-101-0/+11
* mplayer: keep volume persistent, even when using --volumewm42013-04-101-4/+13
* mplayer: move DVB channel skip codewm42013-04-101-23/+21
* mplayer: don't disable term-osd with -vwm42013-04-101-4/+0
* mplayer: don't print bogus status when cachingwm42013-04-101-1/+1
* core: remove volstep global variablewm42013-04-091-4/+1
* demux_mkv: try to show current subtitle when seekingwm42013-04-041-0/+2
* core: add --heartbeat-interval optionwm42013-04-041-3/+4
* mplayer: switch back to video PTS for reporting playback timewm42013-04-041-10/+6
* mplayer: fix framestepping on ordered chapter segment boundarieswm42013-04-041-28/+34
* mplayer: fix --step EOF handlingwm42013-04-04