path: root/audio/out/ao_wasapi.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* audio/out: prepare for non-interleaved audiowm42013-11-121-7/+6
* audio/out: reject non-interleaved formatswm42013-11-121-0/+1
* audio: replace af_fmt2str_short -> af_fmt_to_strwm42013-11-071-4/+4
* audio/out: remove useless info struct and redundant fieldswm42013-10-231-6/+4
* core: move contents to mpvcore (2/2)Stefano Pigozzi2013-08-061-4/+4
* Merge pull request #154 from rossy2401/wasapi-pauseDiogo Franco2013-08-051-1/+2
| * ao_wasapi: don't check the audio feed while pausedJames Ross-Gowan2013-07-271-1/+2
* | Fix some warningsJonathan Yong2013-07-301-6/+6
* audio/out: remove options argument from init()wm42013-07-221-1/+1
* ao_wasapi: Fix S/PDIF passthrough initDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-3/+4
* ao_wasapi: Log the passthrough format in MSGL_VDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-0/+5
* ao_wasapi: Also do passthrough for AF_FORMAT_MPEG2Diogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-1/+1
* ao_wasapi: Support S/PDIF passthroughDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-0/+45
* ao_wasapi: Fix double free on uninitDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-2/+0
* ao_wasapi: Support loading devices by nameDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-17/+65
* ao_wasapi: Don't search for devices as part of validationDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-23/+6
* ao_wasapi: Change function macros to require semicolon after invocationDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-29/+29
* ao_wasapi: Use OPT_STRING_VALIDATE for device suboptionDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-22/+82
* ao_wasapi: Fully convert to m_option APIDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-20/+10
* ao_wasapi: Don't leak the default device's ID when listing devicesDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-3/+4
* ao_wasapi: Annotate the default device when listing devicesDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-4/+17
* ao_wasapi: Refactor device listing/loadingDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-42/+97
* ao_wasapi0: Rename to ao_wasapiDiogo Franco (Kovensky)2013-07-221-0/+1194