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* cleanup: remove left over access_mpcontext.h (from GUI)Uoti Urpala2012-01-091-30/+0
* cleanup: remove warnings under libmenu/Clément Bœsch2011-06-241-1/+1
* audio: change external AO interface to "ao_[method](ao, ...)"Uoti Urpala2011-04-091-1/+0
* Add license header to all top-level files missing them.diego2010-01-301-0/+18
* Add MPLAYER_ prefix to multiple inclusion guards.diego2008-02-221-3/+3
* audio_out / video_out structs should be treated as constreimar2008-01-191-2/+2
* Add multiple inclusion guards to all header files that lack them.diego2008-01-011-0/+5
* Support chapter in OSD menu.ulion2007-12-141-0/+1
* Remove the pause filter and the cmd queue hack, to know the mplayer going toulion2007-11-151-0/+1
* Fix GUI compilationuau2007-02-211-0/+4
* Fix menu to work with mpctxuau2007-02-211-0/+2