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* TOOLS/ use different colors for symbols toowm42016-10-061-5/+6
| | | | | Also, not setting pen=None seems to draw horizontal lines for the dots, which is fine too.
* TOOLS/stats-conv: slightly better colorwm42016-01-121-3/+9
| | | | | | | | pyqtgraph's intColor() is less than ideal, especially on white background. Can't see anything. Unfortunately the rendering of the legend can't be fixed, because pyqtgraph is terrible and hardcodes its rendering, including colors.
* TOOLS/stats-conv: rewrite for pygtgraphwm42015-10-151-14/+26
| | | | | | | | matplotlib is pathetically slow, which makes using to view dumps longer than a few seconds a huge pain. pyqtgraph is slightly faster than matplotlib. Other than that, it seems to be worse in every aspect (at least for plotting), but such is life.
* TOOLS/stats-conv: allow passing regex via command linewm42015-08-101-1/+4
* TOOLS/ add another event typewm42015-05-111-2/+11
* TOOLS/stats-conv: change unit of X-axis to secondswm42015-02-011-3/+5
| | | | ...instead of milliseconds.
* TOOLS/stats-conv: more improvementswm42015-01-031-13/+20
| | | | | | | | | | Add an explicit "signal" event type, because the implicit one was confusing. Don't rescale the Y axis of the second graph, it was nonsense. Make the legend for the second graph separate (and cleanup the code creating the graphs).
* TOOLS/stas-conv: add timed value event typewm42015-01-021-0/+8
* TOOLS/stats-conv: better outputwm42015-01-021-11/+20
| | | | | | Sort the legend by the used y value of binary events/signals, add a way to filter branches (although that requires editing the script), and use the full screen if the second subplot is not used.
* TOOLS/ improvementswm42014-08-191-18/+31
| | | | This is still pretty useful for debugging timing-dependent things.
* TOOLS/stats-conv: don't crash on empty lineswm42014-05-111-0/+3
* TOOLS/stats-conv: draw playloop and AO thread events separatelywm42014-05-111-0/+5
| | | | | Use for all AO thread events y=0.5, while playloop events remain at y=1. This makes the graph easier to read.
* player: add a --dump-stats optionwm42014-04-171-0/+88
This collects statistics and other things. The option dumps raw data into a file. A script to visualize this data is included too. Litter some of the player code with calls that generate these statistics. In general, this will be helpful to debug timing dependent issues, such as A/V sync problems. Normally, one could argue that this is the task of a real profiler, but then we'd have a hard time to include extra information like audio/video PTS differences. We could also just hardcode all statistics collection and processing in the player code, but then we'd end up with something like mplayer's status line, which was cluttered and required a centralized approach (i.e. getting the data to the status line; so it was all in mplayer.c). Some players can visualize such statistics on OSD, but that sounds even more complicated. So the approach added with this commit sounds sensible. The script is rather primitive at the moment and its output is semi-ugly. It uses matplotlib, so it could probably be extended to do a lot, so it's not a dead-end.