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* docs: edl: minor correctionswm42013-12-051-4/+5
* timeline: reject mplayer2 EDL files, change EDL headerwm42013-11-211-3/+4
| | | | | | | | | | | This was forgotten when the parser for mplayer2 EDL files was removed. Change the header of the mpv EDL format to include a '#', so a naive parser could skip the header as comment. (Maybe this is questionable; on the other hand, if it can be simpler, why not.) Also, strip the header in demux_edl.c before passing on the data, so the header check doesn't need to be duplicated in tl_mpv_edl.c.
* timeline: add edl:// URIswm42013-11-191-0/+9
| | | | | Questionable change from user perspective, but internally needed to implement the next commit. Also useful for testing timeline stuff.
* timeline: add new EDL formatwm42013-11-191-0/+94
Edit Decision Lists (EDL) allow combining parts from multiple source files into one virtual file. MPlayer had an EDL format (which sucked), which mplayer2 tried to improve with its own format (which sucked). As logic demands, mpv introduces its very own format (which sucks). The new format should actually be much simpler and easier to use, and its implementation is simpler and smaller too.