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diff --git a/video/out/win_state.h b/video/out/win_state.h
index d495377bac..a5de5691fb 100644
--- a/video/out/win_state.h
+++ b/video/out/win_state.h
@@ -29,4 +29,61 @@ void vo_calc_window_geometry2(struct vo *vo, const struct mp_rect *screen,
double dpi_scale, struct vo_win_geometry *out_geo);
void vo_apply_window_geometry(struct vo *vo, const struct vo_win_geometry *geo);
+// Currently manages some user options.
+struct vo_win_state;
+enum vo_win_states {
+ VO_WIN_STATE_ON_TOP, // bool
+ VO_WIN_STATE_ALL_WS, // bool
+// Destroy with talloc_free().
+// Note: this must be strictly destroyed before vo.
+// This hooks itself into vo (in a thread-safe way), and you can have only one
+// per vo.
+struct vo_win_state *vo_win_state_create(struct vo *vo);
+// Note: it's _not_ OK to use vo->opts instead (e.g. vo->opts->fullscreen
+// instead of this opt struct. This is because vo->opts is managed for the
+// VO thread, so this breaks with backends that do windowing on a foreign
+// thread. You may also use vo_get_win_opts().
+struct mp_vo_opts *vo_win_state_opts(struct vo_win_state *st);
+// Update state in reaction to other events. Normally, you want to call this
+// when receiving VOCTRL_VO_STATE_UPDATE.
+// This returns a bit-field of externally changed event, using vo_win_states as
+// bit position. E.g. if fullscreen and on-top changes, this would return
+uint64_t vo_win_state_update(struct vo_win_state *st);
+// Query the current user-desired state (basically, return the option value).
+// This is equivalent to using vo_win_state_opts()->[field mapping to state].
+bool vo_win_state_get_bool(struct vo_win_state *st, enum vo_win_states state);
+// Update the current state, usually in reaction to external events.
+// This is equivalent to setting vo_win_state_opts()->[field mapping to state]
+// to the new value, and calling vo_win_state_mark_external_changed().
+void vo_win_state_report_bool(struct vo_win_state *st, enum vo_win_states state,
+ bool val);
+// Notify that the current state was updated, usually in reaction to external
+// events. "field" must be a pointer to a field in vo_win_state_opts() (that
+// is an option, and a direct member of struct mp_subtitle_opts).
+void vo_win_state_report_external_changed(struct vo_win_state *st, void *field);
+// Internal: get and reset next changed state (option-managed fields only).
+// Returns state value if it was externally changed, or -1 if not.
+// If state<0, then get next changed state, otherwise use fixed state.
+int vo_win_state_fetch_ext(struct vo_win_state *st, int state,
+ union m_option_value *val);
+// Internal, a hack.
+char *vo_win_state_opt(enum vo_win_states state);