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-#pragma once
-#include "common.h"
-void vk_malloc_init(struct mpvk_ctx *vk);
-void vk_malloc_uninit(struct mpvk_ctx *vk);
-// Represents a single "slice" of generic (non-buffer) memory, plus some
-// metadata for accounting. This struct is essentially read-only.
-struct vk_memslice {
- VkDeviceMemory vkmem;
- size_t offset;
- size_t size;
- size_t slab_size;
- void *priv;
-void vk_free_memslice(struct mpvk_ctx *vk, struct vk_memslice slice);
-bool vk_malloc_generic(struct mpvk_ctx *vk, VkMemoryRequirements reqs,
- VkMemoryPropertyFlags flags, struct vk_memslice *out);
-// Represents a single "slice" of a larger buffer
-struct vk_bufslice {
- struct vk_memslice mem; // must be freed by the user when done
- VkBuffer buf; // the buffer this memory was sliced from
- // For persistently mapped buffers, this points to the first usable byte of
- // this slice.
- void *data;
-// Allocate a buffer slice. This is more efficient than vk_malloc_generic for
-// when the user needs lots of buffers, since it doesn't require
-// creating/destroying lots of (little) VkBuffers.
-bool vk_malloc_buffer(struct mpvk_ctx *vk, VkBufferUsageFlags bufFlags,
- VkMemoryPropertyFlags memFlags, VkDeviceSize size,
- VkDeviceSize alignment, bool exportable,
- struct vk_bufslice *out);