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@@ -73,27 +73,6 @@ typedef struct tv_param_s {
Will help if video freezes but audio does not.
May not work with -vo directx and -vf crop combination.
- int hidden_video_renderer;
- /**
- For VIVO cards VP pin have to be rendered too.
- This tweak will cause VidePort pin stream to be terminated with video renderer
- instead of removing it from graph.
- Use if your card have vp pin and video is still choppy.
- May not work with -vo directx and -vf crop combination.
- */
- int hidden_vp_renderer;
- /**
- Use system clock as sync source instead of default graph clock (usually the clock
- from one of live sources in graph.
- */
- int system_clock;
- /**
- Some audio cards creates audio chunks with about 0.5 sec size.
- This can cause choppy video when using mplayer with immediatemode=0
- Use followingtweak to decrease audio chunk sizes.
- It will create audio chunks with time length equal to one video frame time.
- */
- int normalize_audio_chunks;
} tv_param_t;
extern tv_param_t stream_tv_defaults;