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diff --git a/stream/stream.h b/stream/stream.h
index db58a2fba0..1ff8a85248 100644
--- a/stream/stream.h
+++ b/stream/stream.h
@@ -198,7 +198,6 @@ typedef struct stream {
int stream_fill_buffer(stream_t *s);
-void stream_unread_buffer(stream_t *s, void *buffer, size_t buffer_size);
void stream_set_capture_file(stream_t *s, const char *filename);
@@ -297,22 +296,19 @@ int stream_skip(stream_t *s, int64_t len);
int stream_seek(stream_t *s, int64_t pos);
int stream_read(stream_t *s, char *mem, int total);
int stream_read_partial(stream_t *s, char *buf, int buf_size);
+struct bstr stream_peek(stream_t *s, int len);
struct MPOpts;
- * Return allocated buffer for all data until EOF.
- * If amount of data would be more than max_size return NULL as data ptr.
- * Make the allocated buffer padding_bytes larger than the data read.
- * Write number of bytes read at *amount_read.
- */
struct bstr stream_read_complete(struct stream *s, void *talloc_ctx,
- int max_size, int padding_bytes);
+ int max_size);
int stream_control(stream_t *s, int cmd, void *arg);
void stream_update_size(stream_t *s);
void free_stream(stream_t *s);
stream_t *open_stream(const char *filename, struct MPOpts *options,
int *file_format);
stream_t *open_output_stream(const char *filename, struct MPOpts *options);
+stream_t *open_memory_stream(void *data, int len);
struct demux_stream;
/// Set the callback to be used by libstream to check for user