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diff --git a/options/m_property.h b/options/m_property.h
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--- a/options/m_property.h
+++ b/options/m_property.h
@@ -154,18 +154,7 @@ bool m_property_split_path(const char *path, bstr *prefix, char **rem);
void m_properties_print_help_list(struct mp_log *log,
const struct m_property *list);
-// Expand a property string.
-// This function allows to print strings containing property values.
-// ${NAME} is expanded to the value of property NAME.
-// If NAME starts with '=', use the raw value of the property.
-// ${NAME:STR} expands to the property, or STR if the property is not
-// available.
-// ${?NAME:STR} expands to STR if the property is available.
-// ${!NAME:STR} expands to STR if the property is not available.
-// General syntax: "${" ["?" | "!"] ["="] NAME ":" STR "}"
-// STR is recursively expanded using the same rules.
-// "$$" can be used to escape "$", and "$}" to escape "}".
-// "$>" disables parsing of "$" for the rest of the string.
+// Expand a property string. Free result with talloc_free().
char* m_properties_expand_string(const struct m_property *prop_list,
const char *str, void *ctx);