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diff --git a/options/m_config.h b/options/m_config.h
index 65145c093b..fc32ca5bf0 100644
--- a/options/m_config.h
+++ b/options/m_config.h
@@ -275,9 +275,20 @@ struct m_config_cache {
struct m_config *shadow_config;
long long ts;
int group;
+ bool in_list;
+ // --- Implicitly synchronized by setting/unsetting wakeup_cb.
+ struct mp_dispatch_queue *wakeup_dispatch_queue;
+ void (*wakeup_dispatch_cb)(void *ctx);
+ void *wakeup_dispatch_cb_ctx;
+ // --- Protected by shadow->lock
+ void (*wakeup_cb)(void *ctx);
+ void *wakeup_cb_ctx;
// Create a mirror copy from the global options.
+// Keep in mind that a m_config_cache object is not thread-safe; it merely
+// provides thread-safe access to the global options. All API functions for
+// the same m_config_cache object must synchronized, unless otherwise noted.
// ta_parent: parent for the returned allocation
// global: option data source
// group: the option group to return. This can be NULL for the global option
@@ -287,6 +298,22 @@ struct m_config_cache *m_config_cache_alloc(void *ta_parent,
struct mpv_global *global,
const struct m_sub_options *group);
+// If any of the options in the group possibly changes, call this callback. The
+// callback must not actually access the cache or anything option related.
+// Instead, it must wake up the thread that normally accesses the cache.
+void m_config_cache_set_wakeup_cb(struct m_config_cache *cache,
+ void (*cb)(void *ctx), void *cb_ctx);
+// If any of the options in the group change, call this callback on the given
+// dispatch queue. This is higher level than m_config_cache_set_wakeup_cb(),
+// and you can do anything you want in the callback (assuming the dispatch
+// queue is processed in the same thread that accesses m_config_cache API).
+// To ensure clean shutdown, you must destroy the m_config_cache (or unset the
+// callback) before the dispatch queue is destroyed.
+void m_config_cache_set_dispatch_change_cb(struct m_config_cache *cache,
+ struct mp_dispatch_queue *dispatch,
+ void (*cb)(void *ctx), void *cb_ctx);
// Update the options in cache->opts to current global values. Return whether
// there was an update notification at all (which may or may not indicate that
// some options have changed).
@@ -295,13 +322,13 @@ struct m_config_cache *m_config_cache_alloc(void *ta_parent,
bool m_config_cache_update(struct m_config_cache *cache);
// Like m_config_cache_alloc(), but return the struct (m_config_cache->opts)
-// directly, with no way to update the config.
+// directly, with no way to update the config. Basically this returns a copy
+// with a snapshot of the current option values.
// Warning: does currently not set the child as its own talloc root, which
// means the only way to free the struct is by freeing ta_parent.
void *mp_get_config_group(void *ta_parent, struct mpv_global *global,
const struct m_sub_options *group);
// Read a single global option in a thread-safe way. For multiple options,
// use m_config_cache. The option must exist and match the provided type (the
// type is used as a sanity check only). Performs semi-expensive lookup.