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diff --git a/mpvcore/player/mp_core.h b/mpvcore/player/mp_core.h
index 65b3b3dea2..607000cd5c 100644
--- a/mpvcore/player/mp_core.h
+++ b/mpvcore/player/mp_core.h
@@ -236,6 +236,11 @@ typedef struct MPContext {
// the goal of making flip() calls finish (rather than start) at the
// specified time.
double last_vo_flip_duration;
+ // Display duration (as "intended") of the last flipped frame.
+ double last_frame_duration;
+ // Set to true some time after a new frame has been shown, and it turns out
+ // that this frame was the last one before video ends.
+ bool playing_last_frame;
// How much video timing has been changed to make it match the audio
// timeline. Used for status line information only.
double total_avsync_change;
@@ -283,8 +288,8 @@ typedef struct MPContext {
double start_timestamp;
// Timestamp from the last time some timing functions read the
- // current time, in (occasionally wrapping) microseconds. Used
- // to turn a new time value to a delta from last time.
+ // current time, in microseconds.
+ // Used to turn a new time value to a delta from last time.
int64_t last_time;
// Used to communicate the parameters of a seek between parts
@@ -439,5 +444,6 @@ int reinit_video_filters(struct MPContext *mpctx);
double update_video(struct MPContext *mpctx, double endpts);
void mp_force_video_refresh(struct MPContext *mpctx);
void update_fps(struct MPContext *mpctx);
+void video_execute_format_change(struct MPContext *mpctx);
#endif /* MPLAYER_MP_CORE_H */