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struct mp_thread_pool;
+// Create a thread pool with the given number of worker threads. This can return
+// NULL if the worker threads could not be created. The thread pool can be
+// destroyed with talloc_free(pool), or indirectly with talloc_free(ta_parent).
+// If there are still work items on freeing, it will block until all work items
+// are done, and the threads terminate.
+// init_threads is the number of threads created in this function (and it fails
+// if it could not be done). min_threads must be >=, if it's >, then the
+// remaining threads will be created on demand, but never destroyed.
+// If init_threads > 0, then mp_thread_pool_queue() can never fail.
+// If init_threads == 0, mp_thread_pool_create() itself can never fail.
struct mp_thread_pool *mp_thread_pool_create(void *ta_parent, int init_threads,
int min_threads, int max_threads);
+// Queue a function to be run on a worker thread: fn(fn_ctx)
+// If no worker thread is currently available, it's appended to a list in memory
+// with unbounded size. This function always returns immediately.
+// Concurrent queue calls are allowed, as long as it does not overlap with
+// pool destruction.
+// This function is explicitly thread-safe.
+// Cannot fail if thread pool was created with at least 1 thread.
bool mp_thread_pool_queue(struct mp_thread_pool *pool, void (*fn)(void *ctx),
void *fn_ctx);