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diff --git a/m_option.h b/m_option.h
index 9486dd124e..00a5e60305 100644
--- a/m_option.h
+++ b/m_option.h
@@ -125,11 +125,11 @@ extern const m_option_type_t m_option_type_obj_settings_list;
/// Extra definition needed for \ref m_option_type_obj_presets options.
typedef struct {
/// Description of the struct holding the presets.
- struct m_struct_st* in_desc;
+ const struct m_struct_st *in_desc;
/// Description of the struct that should be set by the presets.
- struct m_struct_st* out_desc;
+ const struct m_struct_st *out_desc;
/// Pointer to an array of structs defining the various presets.
- void* presets;
+ const void *presets;
/// Offset of the preset's name inside the in_struct.
void* name_off;
} m_obj_presets_t;