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diff --git a/input/input.h b/input/input.h
index 1641f9fad6..ff194785c9 100644
--- a/input/input.h
+++ b/input/input.h
@@ -193,10 +193,6 @@ double mp_input_get_delay(struct input_ctx *ictx);
// Wake up sleeping input loop from another thread.
void mp_input_wakeup(struct input_ctx *ictx);
-// Used to asynchronously abort playback. Needed because the core still can
-// block on network in some situations.
-void mp_input_set_cancel(struct input_ctx *ictx, void (*cb)(void *c), void *c);
// If this returns true, use Right Alt key as Alt Gr to produce special
// characters. If false, count Right Alt as the modifier Alt key.
bool mp_input_use_alt_gr(struct input_ctx *ictx);