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diff --git a/input/cmd.h b/input/cmd.h
index a2cbaae510..2d9c922230 100644
--- a/input/cmd.h
+++ b/input/cmd.h
@@ -39,8 +39,6 @@ struct mp_cmd_def {
bool on_updown; // always emit it on both up and down key events
bool vararg; // last argument can be given 0 to multiple times
bool scalable;
- bool is_abort;
- bool is_soft_abort;
bool is_ignore;
bool default_async; // default to MP_ASYNC flag if none set by user
// If you set this, handler() must ensure mp_cmd_ctx_complete() is called
@@ -121,11 +119,6 @@ typedef struct mp_cmd {
extern const struct mp_cmd_def mp_cmds[];
extern const struct mp_cmd_def mp_cmd_list;
-// Executing this command will maybe abort playback (play something else, or quit).
-bool mp_input_is_maybe_abort_cmd(struct mp_cmd *cmd);
-// This command will definitely abort playback.
-bool mp_input_is_abort_cmd(struct mp_cmd *cmd);
bool mp_input_is_repeatable_cmd(struct mp_cmd *cmd);
bool mp_input_is_scalable_cmd(struct mp_cmd *cmd);