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+Release 0.4.2
+Bug fixes
+- Include changes from point releases in the release notes.
+- Fix --cache-file operation when file size is unknown (e.g. when playing from
+ a pipe).
+- Don't sleep if playback is stopped when reconnecting for remote stream.
+- Suspend read on vts change even if the requested title is not found when
+ using dvdnav (dvd://) (this fixes a bug where the DVD menu was not shown
+ properly after a DVD track ended).
+- Avoid draining if the audio output is paused (this fixes a bug where mpv would
+ hang when switching tracks when paused).
+- Drop buffered audio when switching tracks or filters (this fixes a possible
+ regression when using gapless audio).
+- Reverse video rotation direction.
+- Fix initialization of the input when playing from a pipe.
+- Fix description of the --mf option in the manpage (the --mf syntax changed a
+ while ago, but was not documented).
+- Actually append entries to the end of the playlist instead of after the
+ current entry with the "loadlist append" command.
+New features
+- Add "append-play" mode for the loadfile command.
+This listing is not complete. There are many more bug fixes and changes. The
+complete change log can be viewed by running ``git log bb00774..d50be0a`` in
+the git repository.
Release 0.4.1