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@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ Interface changes
moved to "somewhere else" syntax-wise.
- deprecate --loop - after a deprecation period, it will be undeprecated,
but changed to alias --loop-file
+ - add --keep-open-pause=no
--- mpv 0.24.0 ---
- deprecate --hwdec-api and replace it with --opengl-hwdec-interop.
The new option accepts both --hwdec values, as well as named backends.
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@@ -2070,6 +2070,9 @@ Window
Instead, pause the player. When trying to seek beyond end of the file, the
player will attempt to seek to the last frame.
+ Normally, this will act like ``set pause yes`` on EOF, unless the
+ ``--keep-open-pause=no`` option is set.
The following arguments can be given:
:no: If the current file ends, go to the next file or terminate.
@@ -2096,6 +2099,11 @@ Window
file.mkv normally, then fail to open ``/dev/null``, then exit). (In
mpv 0.8.0, ``always`` was introduced, which restores the old behavior.)
+ If set to ``no``, instead of pausing when ``--keep-open`` is active, just
+ stop at end of file and continue playing forward when you seek backwards
+ until end where it stops again. Default: ``yes``.
If the current file is an image, play the image for the given amount of
seconds (default: 1). ``inf`` means the file is kept open forever (until