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:auto: see below
:vdpau: requires ``--vo=vdpau`` (Linux only)
:vaapi: requires ``--vo=vaapi`` (Linux with Intel GPUs only)
+ :vaapi-copy: copies video back into system RAM (Linux with Intel GPUs only)
:vda: requires ``--vo=corevideo`` (OSX only)
:crystalhd: Broadcom Crystal HD
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Also note that if the first found method doesn't actually work, it will
always fall back to software decoding, instead of trying the next method.
+ The ``vaapi-copy`` function allows you to use vaapi with any VO. Because
+ this copies the decoded video back to system RAM, it's quite inefficient.
Allow hardware decoding for a given list of codecs only. The default is the
special value ``all``, which always allows all codecs.