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@@ -2718,7 +2718,7 @@ Demuxer
Maximum length in seconds to analyze the stream properties.
Whether to probe stream information (default: auto). Technically, this
controls whether libavformat's ``avformat_find_stream_info()`` function
is called. Usually it's safer to call it, but it can also make startup
@@ -2727,6 +2727,10 @@ Demuxer
The ``auto`` choice (the default) tries to skip this for a few know-safe
whitelisted formats, while calling it for everything else.
+ The ``nostreams`` choice only calls it if and only if the file seems to
+ contain no streams after opening (helpful in cases when calling the function
+ is needed to detect streams at all, such as with FLV files).
Minimum required libavformat probe score. Lower values will require
less data to be loaded (makes streams start faster), but makes file