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@@ -95,6 +95,15 @@ Available audio output drivers are:
setting in the ``Audio Devices`` dialog in the ``Audio MIDI Setup``
utility. Note that this does not affect the selected speaker setup.
+ ``--coreaudio-spdif-hack=<yes|no>``
+ Try to pass through AC3/DTS data as PCM. This is useful for drivers
+ which do not report AC3 support. It converts the AC3 data to float,
+ and assumes the driver will do the inverse conversion, which means
+ a typical A/V receiver will pick it up as compressed IEC framed AC3
+ stream, ignoring that it's marked as PCM. This disables normal AC3
+ passthrough (even if the device reports it as supported). Use with
+ extreme care.
``coreaudio_exclusive`` (Mac OS X only)
Native Mac OS X audio output driver using direct device access and