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@@ -163,11 +163,11 @@ Available video output drivers are:
with the composited mode behavior of the NVIDIA driver, there is no
hard playback speed limit even without the disabled logic. Enabled by
default, use ``no-composite-detect`` to disable.
- ``--vo-vdpau-queuetime_windowed=<number>`` and ``queuetime_fs=<number>``
+ ``--vo-vdpau-queuetime-windowed=<number>`` and ``queuetime-fs=<number>``
Use VDPAU's presentation queue functionality to queue future video
frame changes at most this many milliseconds in advance (default: 50).
See below for additional information.
- ``--vo-vdpau-output_surfaces=<2-15>``
+ ``--vo-vdpau-output-surfaces=<2-15>``
Allocate this many output surfaces to display video frames (default:
3). See below for additional information.