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@@ -2868,7 +2868,7 @@ Demuxer
Frame size in bytes when using ``--demuxer=rawvideo``.
This controls how much the demuxer is allowed to buffer ahead. The demuxer
will normally try to read ahead as much as necessary, or as much is
requested with ``--demuxer-readahead-secs``. The option can be used to
@@ -2880,9 +2880,10 @@ Demuxer
Set these limits higher if you get a packet queue overflow warning, and
you think normal playback would be possible with a larger packet queue.
- See ``--list-options`` for defaults and value range.
+ See ``--list-options`` for defaults and value range. ``<bytesize>`` options
+ accept suffixes such as ``KiB`` and ``MiB``.
This controls how much past data the demuxer is allowed to preserve. This
is useful only if the ``--demuxer-seekable-cache`` option is enabled.
Unlike the forward cache, there is no control how many seconds are actually