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or intend to read from stdin later on via the loadfile or loadlist slave
-``--input-appleremote``, ``--no-input-appleremote``
- Enable/disable AppleIR remote support. Enabled by default.
+ (OS X only)
+ Enable/disable Apple Remote support. Enabled by default (except for libmpv).
``--input-cursor``, ``--no-input-cursor``
Permit mpv to receive pointer events reported by the video output
@@ -2196,8 +2197,9 @@ Input
(LIRC only)
Specifies a configuration file for LIRC (default: ``~/.lircrc``).
-``--input-media-keys``, ``--no-input-media-keys``
- OS X only: Enabled by default. Enables/disable media keys support.
+ (OS X only)
+ Enable/disable media keys support. Enabled by default (except for libmpv).
``--input-right-alt-gr``, ``--no-input-right-alt-gr``
(Cocoa and Windows only)