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@@ -146,6 +146,16 @@ extra commands can also be used as part of the protocol:
{ "command": ["unobserve_property", 1] }
{ "error": "success" }
+ Enable output of mpv log messages. They will be received as events. The
+ parameter to this command is the log-level (see ``mpv_request_log_messages``
+ C API function).
+ Log message output is meant for humans only (mostly for debugging).
+ Attempting to retrieve information by parsing these messages will just
+ lead to breakages with future mpv releases. Instead, make a feature request,
+ and ask for a proper event that returns the information you need.
Suspend the mpv main loop. There is a long-winded explanation of this in
the C API function ``mpv_suspend()``. In short, this prevents the player