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information, but it's a valid feature request to extend this property if
+ Return list of current input key bindings. This returns an array of maps,
+ where each map node represents a binding for a single key/command. This map
+ has the following entries:
+ ``key``
+ The key name. This is normalized and may look slightly different from
+ how it was specified in the source (e.g. in input.conf).
+ ``cmd``
+ The command mapped to the key. (Currently, this is exactly the same
+ string as specified in the source. It's possible that it will be
+ normalized in the future.)
+ ``is_weak``
+ If set to true, any existing and active user bindings will take priority.
+ ``owner``
+ If this entry exists, the name of the script (or similar) which added
+ this binding.
+ ``section``
+ Name of the section this binding is part of. This is a rarely used
+ mechanism. This entry may be removed or change meaning in the future.
+ ``priority``
+ A number. Bindings with a higher value are preferred over bindings
+ with a lower value. If the value is negative, this binding is inactive
+ and will not be triggered by input. Note that mpv does not use this
+ value internally, and matching of bindings may work slightly differently
+ in some cases. In addition, this value is dynamic and can change around
+ at runtime.
+ This property is read-only, and change notification is not supported.
+ Currently, there is no mechanism to change key bindings at runtime, other
+ than scripts adding or removing their own bindings.
Inconsistencies between options and properties