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playing at all. In other words, it's only ``no`` if there's actually
video playing. (Behavior since mpv 0.7.0.)
- Network cache fill state (0-100.0).
-``cache-size`` (RW)
- Network cache size in KB. This is similar to ``--cache``. This allows
- setting the cache size at runtime. Currently, it's not possible to enable
- or disable the cache at runtime using this property, just to resize an
- existing cache.
- This does not include the backbuffer size (changed after mpv 0.10.0).
- Note that this tries to keep the cache contents as far as possible. To make
- this easier, the cache resizing code will allocate the new cache while the
- old cache is still allocated.
- Don't use this when playing DVD or Blu-ray.
-``cache-free`` (R)
- Total free cache size in KB.
-``cache-used`` (R)
- Total used cache size in KB.
-``cache-speed`` (R)
- Current I/O read speed between the cache and the lower layer (like network).
- This gives the number bytes per seconds over a 1 second window (using
- the type ``MPV_FORMAT_INT64`` for the client API).
-``cache-idle`` (R)
- Returns ``yes`` if the cache is idle, which means the cache is filled as
- much as possible, and is currently not reading more data.
Approximate duration of video buffered in the demuxer, in seconds. The
guess is very unreliable, and often the property will not be available