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will stay hidden. Supported by video output drivers which use X11 or
OS X Cocoa.
audio delay in seconds (positive or negative float value). Negative values
delay the audio, and positive values delay the video.
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there is a change in video parameters, video stream or file. This used to
be the default behavior. Currently only affects X11 VOs.
Display only forced subtitles for the DVD subtitle stream selected by e.g.
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Specifies the character set that will be passed to FriBiDi when decoding
non-UTF-8 subtitles (default: ISO8859-8).
Fullscreen playback (centers movie, and paints black bands around it).
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controls how much of the image is cropped. May not work with all video
output drivers.
- *NOTE*: Values between -1 and 0 are allowed as well, but highly
- experimental and may crash or worse. Use at your own risk!
Change the range of the pan-and-scan functionality (default: 1). Positive
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- ``--subcp=enca:pl:cp1250`` guess the encoding for Polish, fall back on
Delays subtitles by <sec> seconds. Can be negative.
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*NOTE*: <rate> > movie fps speeds the subtitles up for frame-based
subtitle files and slows them down for time-based ones.
Specify the position of subtitles on the screen. The value is the vertical
position of the subtitle in % of the screen height.
Can be useful with ``--vf=expand``.