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@@ -1076,16 +1076,17 @@ MPlayer will not load or search for video segments from other files,
and will also ignore any chapter order specified for the main file.
-.B \-pts\-association\-mode <mode number>
+.B \-pts\-association\-mode auto|decode|sort
Select the method used to determine which container packet timestamp
corresponds to a particular output frame from the video decoder.
+Normally you shouldn't need to change this option.
.PD 0
-.IPs 0
+.IPs auto
Try to pick a working mode from the ones below automatically (default)
-.IPs 1
+.IPs decoder
Use decoder reordering functionality.
-.IPs 2
+.IPs sort
Maintain a buffer of unused pts values and use the lowest value for the frame.
.PD 1