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See ``--ao=help`` for a list of compiled-in audio output drivers. The
driver ``--ao=alsa`` is preferred. ``--ao=pulse`` is preferred on systems
- where PulseAudio is used. On BSD systems, ``--ao=oss`` or ``--ao=sndio``
- may work (the latter being experimental).
+ where PulseAudio is used.
Available audio output drivers are:
@@ -36,18 +35,6 @@ Available audio output drivers are:
with automatic upmixing with shared access, so playing stereo
and multichannel audio at the same time will work as expected.
- OSS audio output driver
- The following global options are supported by this audio output:
- ``--oss-mixer-device``
- Sets the audio mixer device (default: ``/dev/mixer``).
- ``--oss-mixer-channel``
- Sets the audio mixer channel (default: ``pcm``). Other valid values
- include **vol, pcm, line**. For a complete list of options look for
- ``SOUND_DEVICE_NAMES`` in ``/usr/include/linux/soundcard.h``.
JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) audio output driver.