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as possible. Commits should form logical steps in development. The way you
split changes is important for code review and analyzing bugs.
+Always squash fixup commits when making changes to pull requests
+- If you make fixup commits to your pull request, you should generally squash
+ them with "git rebase -i". We prefer to have pull requests in a merge
+ ready state.
+- We don't squash-merge (nor do we use github's feature that does this) because
+ pull requests with multiple commits are perfectly legitimate, and the only
+ thing that makes sense in non-trivial cases.
+- With complex pull requests, it *may* make sense to keep them separate, but
+ they should be clearly marked as such. Reviewing commits is generally easier
+ with fixups squashed.
+- Reviewers are encouraged to look at individual commits instead of github's
+ "changes from all commits" view (which just encourages bad git and review
+ practices).
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