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+### mpv version and platform
+If you're not using git master or the latest release, update.
+### Expected behavior
+### Actual behavior
+### Reproduction steps
+### Log files
+Make a log file made with -v or --log-file=output.txt, paste it to,
+and replace this text with a link to it.
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+Ideally, you shouldn't need enter any text here, and your commit messages should
+explain your changes sufficiently (especially why they are needed). Read
+ for coding
+style and development conventions. Remove this text block, but if you haven't
+agreed to it before, leave the following sentence in place:
+I agree that my changes can be relicensed to LGPL 2.1 or later.
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-Reporting bugs
-- State your platform and mpv version.
-- Make sure you're actually using the latest mpv release. Linux distributions
- in particular love redistributing ancient and unmaintained mpv releases.
-- Attach a log file made with ``-v`` or ``--log-file=output.txt``.
-- Avoid attaching text files packed in archive files (zip/rar/...), unless
- explicitly asked so. There are better means, such as using
-- If you think this is file specific, upload a sample file and link it.
-- Don't report multiple unrelated/barely related bugs in one issue.
-- If you don't get a reply after days, be sure to post a new message to the
- issue - it could have been overlooked or forgotten.
-- Read:
-Asking questions
-Preferably, asking questions should be done via IRC (#mpv on,
-but asking questions by opening a github issue is also barely tolerated.
-When asking on IRC (#mpv on, don't ask to ask, just state
-your problem. Stay long enough until someone gets a chance to reply. Sometimes
-it can take hours.
-Sending patches
-In particular, be aware that all changes to GPL code must come with the
-implicit agreement that they might be LGPLv2.1+ relicensed at a later point.