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audio/out: feed AOs from a separate thread
This has 2 goals: - Ensure that AOs have always enough data, even if the device buffers are very small. - Reduce complexity in some AOs, which do their own buffering. One disadvantage is that performance is slightly reduced due to more copying. Implementation-wise, we don't change ao.c much, and instead "redirect" the driver's callback to an API wrapper in push.c. Additionally, we add code for dealing with AOs that have a pull API. These AOs usually do their own buffering (jack, coreaudio, portaudio), and adding a thread is basically a waste. The code in pull.c manages a ringbuffer, and allows callback-based AOs to read data directly.
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@@ -145,6 +145,8 @@ def build(ctx):
( "audio/out/ao_sdl.c", "sdl2" ),
( "audio/out/ao_sndio.c", "sndio" ),
( "audio/out/ao_wasapi.c", "wasapi" ),
+ ( "audio/out/pull.c" ),
+ ( "audio/out/push.c" ),
## Bstr
( "bstr/bstr.c" ),