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player: make screenshot commands honor the async flag
And also change input.conf to make all screenshots async. (Except the every-frame mode, which always uses synchronous mode and ignores the flag.) By default, the "screenshot" command is still asynchronous, because scripts etc. might depend on this behavior. This is only partially async. The code for determining the filename is still always run synchronously. Only encoding the screenshot and writing it to disk is asynchronous. We explicitly document the exact behavior as undefined, so it can be changed any time. Some of this is a bit messy, because I wanted to avoid duplicating the message display code between sync and async mode. In async mode, this is called from a worker thread, which is not safe because showing a message accesses the thread-unsafe OSD code. So the core has to be locked during this, which implies accessing the core and all that. So the code has weird locking calls, and we need to do core destruction in a more "controlled" manner (thus the outstanding_async field). (What I'd really want would be the OSD simply showing log messages instead.) This is pretty untested, so expect bugs. Fixes #4250.
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( "misc/node.c" ),
( "misc/ring.c" ),
( "misc/rendezvous.c" ),
+ ( "misc/thread_pool.c" ),
## Options
( "options/m_config.c" ),