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audio: remove S8, U16, U24, U32 formats
They are useless. Not only are they actually rarely in use; but libavcodec doesn't even output them, as libavcodec has no such sample formats for decoded audio. Even if it should happen that we actually still need them (e.g. if doing direct hardware output), there are better solutions. Swapping the sign is a fast and lossless operation and can be done inplace, so AO actually needing it could do this directly. If you wonder why we keep U8 instead of S8: because libavcodec does it.
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@@ -104,7 +104,6 @@ def build(ctx):
( "audio/filter/af_center.c" ),
( "audio/filter/af_channels.c" ),
( "audio/filter/af_convert24.c" ),
- ( "audio/filter/af_convertsignendian.c" ),
( "audio/filter/af_delay.c" ),
( "audio/filter/af_drc.c" ),
( "audio/filter/af_dummy.c" ),