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vf_d3d11vpp: add a D3D11 video processor filter
Main use: deinterlacing. I'm not sure how to select the deinterlacing mode at all. You can enumate the available video processors, but at least on Intel, all of them either signal support for all deinterlacers, or none (the latter is apparently used for IVTC). I haven't found anything that actually tells the processor _which_ algorithm to use. Another strange detail is how to select top/bottom fields and field dominance. At least I'm getting quite similar results to vavpp on Linux, so I'm content with it for now. Future plans include removing the D3D11 video processor use from the ANGLE interop code.
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@@ -301,6 +301,7 @@ def build(ctx):
( "video/filter/vf.c" ),
( "video/filter/vf_buffer.c" ),
( "video/filter/vf_crop.c" ),
+ ( "video/filter/vf_d3d11vpp.c", "d3d-hwaccel" ),
( "video/filter/vf_dlopen.c", "dlopen" ),
( "video/filter/vf_dsize.c" ),
( "video/filter/vf_eq.c" ),