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committerwm4 <>2019-09-27 13:19:29 +0200
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zsh completion: move generation to runtime and improve
The completion function itself now parses --list-options on the first tab press and caches the results. This does mean a slight delay on that first tab press, but it will only do this if the argument being completed looks like an option (i.e. starts with "-"), so there is never a delay when just completing a file name. I've also put some effort into making it reasonably fast; on my machine it's consistently under 100 ms, more than half of which is mpv itself. Installation of zsh completion is now done unconditionally because it's nothing more than copying a file. If you really don't want it installed, set zshdir to empty: `./waf configure --zshdir= ...` Improvements in functionality compared to the old script: * Produces the right results for mpv binaries other than the one it was installed with (like a dev build for testing changes). * Does not require running mpv at build time, so it won't cause problems with cross compilation. * Handles aliases. * Slightly nicer handling of options that take comma-separated values and/or sub-options: A space is now inserted at the end instead of a comma, allowing you to immediately start typing the next argument, but typing a comma will still remove the automatically added space, and = and : will now do that too, so you can immediately add a sub-option. * More general/flexible handling of values for options that print their possible values with --option=help. The code as is could handle quite a few more options (*scale, demuxers, decoders, ...), but nobody wants to maintain that list here so we'll just stick with what the old completion script already did.
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diff --git a/ b/
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--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -717,11 +717,8 @@ def build(ctx):
if ctx.dependency_satisfied('cplayer'):
- if ctx.dependency_satisfied('zsh-comp'):
- ctx.zshcomp(target = "etc/_mpv", source = "TOOLS/")
- ctx.install_files(
- ctx.env.ZSHDIR,
- ['etc/_mpv'])
+ if ctx.env.ZSHDIR:
+ ctx.install_as(ctx.env.ZSHDIR + '/_mpv', 'etc/_mpv.zsh')
ctx.env.DATADIR + '/applications',