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demux: fix rar support for files containing DTS audio tracks
With a recent cleanup, rar support was stuffed into demux_playlist.c (because "opening" rar files pretty much just lists archive contents and adds them to a playlist using a special rar:// protocol, which will actually access the rar file contents). Since demux_playlist.c is probed _after_ demux_lavf.c (and should/must be), libavformat was given the chance to detect DTS streams embedded within the rar file. This is not really what we want, and a regression what happened before rar listing was moved to demux_playlist.c. Fix it by moving the rar listing into its own pseudo-demuxer, and let ir probe before demux_lavf.c. (Yes, this feature still has users.)
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@@ -170,6 +170,7 @@ def build(ctx):
( "demux/demux_mkv_timeline.c" ),
( "demux/demux_playlist.c" ),
( "demux/demux_raw.c" ),
+ ( "demux/demux_rar.c" ),
( "demux/demux_subreader.c" ),
( "demux/demux_tv.c", "tv" ),
( "demux/ebml.c" ),