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cocoa: always compile OSX application code with cocoa
This unbreaks compiling command line player and libmpv at the same time. The problem was that doing so silently disabled the OSX application thing - but the command line player can not use the vo_opengl Cocoa backend without it. The OSX application code is basically dead in libmpv, but it's not that much code anyway. If you want a mpv binary that does not create an OSX application singleton (and creates a menu etc.), you must disable cocoa completely, as cocoa can't be used anyway in this case.
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@@ -373,7 +373,7 @@ def build(ctx):
( "osdep/threads.c" ),
( "osdep/ar/HIDRemote.m", "apple-remote" ),
- ( "osdep/macosx_application.m", "cocoa-application" ),
+ ( "osdep/macosx_application.m", "cocoa" ),
( "osdep/macosx_events.m", "cocoa" ),
( "osdep/semaphore_osx.c" ),
( "osdep/subprocess.c" ),