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vf_dlopen: remove this filter
It was an attempt to move some MPlayer filters (which were removed from mpv) to external, loadable filters. That worked well, but then the MPlayer filters were ported to libavfilter (independently), so they're available again. Also there is a more widely supported and more advanced loadable filter system supported by mpv: vapoursynth. In conclusion, vf_dlopen is not useful anymore, confusing, and requires quite a bit of code (and probably wouldn't survive the rewrite of the mpv video filter chain, which has to come at some point). It has some implicit dependencies on internal conventions, like possibly the format names dropped in the previous commit. We also deprecated it last release. Drop it.
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diff --git a/wscript b/wscript
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--- a/wscript
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@@ -79,12 +79,6 @@ build_options = [
'deps_any': [ 'libdl', 'os-win32', 'os-cygwin' ],
'func': check_true
}, {
- 'name': '--vf-dlopen-filters',
- 'desc': 'compilation of default filters for vf_dlopen',
- 'deps': [ 'dlopen' ],
- 'default': 'disable',
- 'func': check_true
- }, {
'name': '--zsh-comp',
'desc': 'zsh completion',
'func': check_ctx_vars('BIN_PERL'),