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vo_opengl: refactor into vo_gpu
This is done in several steps: 1. refactor MPGLContext -> struct ra_ctx 2. move GL-specific stuff in vo_opengl into opengl/context.c 3. generalize context creation to support other APIs, and add --gpu-api 4. rename all of the --opengl- options that are no longer opengl-specific 5. move all of the stuff from opengl/* that isn't GL-specific into gpu/ (note: opengl/gl_utils.h became opengl/utils.h) 6. rename vo_opengl to vo_gpu 7. to handle window screenshots, the short-term approach was to just add it to ra_swchain_fns. Long term (and for vulkan) this has to be moved to ra itself (and vo_gpu altered to compensate), but this was a stop-gap measure to prevent this commit from getting too big 8. move ra->fns->flush to ra_gl_ctx instead 9. some other minor changes that I've probably already forgotten Note: This is one half of a major refactor, the other half of which is provided by rossy's following commit. This commit enables support for all linux platforms, while his version enables support for all non-linux platforms. Note 2: vo_opengl_cb.c also re-uses ra_gl_ctx so it benefits from the --opengl- options like --opengl-early-flush, --opengl-finish etc. Should be a strict superset of the old functionality. Disclaimer: Since I have no way of compiling mpv on all platforms, some of these ports were done blindly. Specifically, the blind ports included context_mali_fbdev.c and context_rpi.c. Since they're both based on egl_helpers, the port should have gone smoothly without any major changes required. But if somebody complains about a compile error on those platforms (assuming anybody actually uses them), you know where to complain.
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diff --git a/wscript b/wscript
index 9c4c823a08..a50dcfed69 100644
--- a/wscript
+++ b/wscript
@@ -783,15 +783,20 @@ video_output_features = [
}, {
'name': '--gl',
- 'desc': 'OpenGL video outputs',
+ 'desc': 'OpenGL context support',
'deps': 'gl-cocoa || gl-x11 || egl-x11 || egl-drm || '
+ 'gl-win32 || gl-wayland || rpi || mali-fbdev || '
+ 'plain-gl',
'func': check_true,
+ }, {
+ 'name': '--gpu',
+ 'desc': 'GPU-accelerated video output support',
+ 'deps': 'gl',
+ 'func': check_true,
'req': True,
- 'fmsg': "No OpenGL video output found or enabled. " +
- "Aborting. If you really mean to compile without OpenGL " +
- "video outputs use --disable-gl."
+ 'fmsg': "No GPU context found or enabled. Aborting. " +
+ "If you really mean to compile without support for " +
+ "`--vo=gpu`, then use --disable-gpu."
}, {
'name': 'egl-helpers',
'desc': 'EGL helper functions',