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cocoa: fix display refresh rate retrieval on multi monitor setups
1. this basically reverts commit de4c74e5a4a996e8ff431c8f33a32c4b580be203. even with CVDisplayLinkCreateWithActiveCGDisplays and CVDisplayLinkSetCurrentCGDisplayFromOpenGLContext we still have to explicitly set the current display ID, otherwise it will just always choose the display with the lowest refresh rate. another weird thing is, we still have to set the display ID another time with CVDisplayLinkSetCurrentCGDisplay after the link was started. otherwise the display period is 0 and the fallback will be used. if we ever use the callback method for something useful it's probably better to use CVDisplayLinkCreateWithActiveCGDisplays since we will need to keep the display link around instead of releasing it at the end. in that case we have to call CVDisplayLinkSetCurrentCGDisplay two times, once before and once after LinkStart. 2. add windowDidChangeScreen delegate to update the display refresh rate when mpv is moved to a different screen.
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