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af_lavfi: beat it into working with Libav
The main incompatibility was that Libav didn't have av_opt_set_int_list. But since that function is excessively ugly and idiotic (look how it handles types), I'm not missing it much. Use an aformat filter instead to handle the functionality that was indirectly provided by it. This is similar to how vf_lavfi works. The other incompatibility was channel handling. Libav consistently uses channel layouts only, why ffmpeg still requires messing with channel counts to some degree. Get rid of most channel count uses (and hope channel layouts are "exact" enough). Only in one case FFmpeg fails with a runtime check if we feed it AVFrames with channel count unset. Another issue were AVFrame accessor functions. FFmpeg introduced these for ABI compatibility with Libav. I refuse to use them, and it's not my problem if FFmpeg doesn't manage to provide a stable ABI for fields provided both by FFmpeg and Libav.
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diff --git a/wscript b/wscript
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--- a/wscript
+++ b/wscript
@@ -385,12 +385,6 @@ Libav libraries ({0}). Aborting.".format(" ".join(libav_pkg_config_checks))
'desc': 'libavutil ref-counting API',
'func': check_statement('libavutil/frame.h', 'av_frame_unref(NULL)',
- } , {
- 'name': 'av-opt-set-int-list',
- 'desc': 'libavutil av_opt_set_int_list() API',
- 'func': check_statement('libavutil/opt.h',
- 'av_opt_set_int_list(0,0,(int*)0,0,0)',
- use='libav')
}, {
'name': '--libavfilter',
'desc': 'libavfilter',
@@ -406,7 +400,7 @@ Libav libraries ({0}). Aborting.".format(" ".join(libav_pkg_config_checks))
}, {
'name': '--af-lavfi',
'desc': 'using libavfilter through af_lavfi',
- 'deps': [ 'libavfilter', 'av-opt-set-int-list' ],
+ 'deps': [ 'libavfilter', 'avutil-refcounting' ],
'func': check_true
}, {
'name': '--libavdevice',