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authorkwkam <>2017-01-28 20:01:42 +0800
committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2017-01-28 14:02:36 +0100
commitd9ef1333c6ada98f4b71c20e0a6aa02ed55983c9 (patch)
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parentd41f25009d12b27395651d47b0601b3efebdda2a (diff)
waftools/checks/generic: hacks for linking against static/shared libs
When mpv is being linked against static libraries which have shared libraries as dependencies, linker will throw error because pkg-config with --static flag will return shared libraries which will be placed under the -Wl,-Bstatic section, while pkg-config without --static flag will omit the private libraries required to link the static library. With this function users can modify the wscript to insert the dependencies when necessary. For example, linking FFmpeg with shared OpenSSL and zlib: 'func': check_pkg_config_mixed(['crypto','ssl','z'], 'libavcodec')
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1 files changed, 18 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/waftools/checks/ b/waftools/checks/
index 8da8467798..153cf9463d 100644
--- a/waftools/checks/
+++ b/waftools/checks/
@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@ from waflib.ConfigSet import ConfigSet
from waflib import Utils
__all__ = [
- "check_pkg_config", "check_pkg_config_cflags", "check_cc", "check_statement", "check_libs",
+ "check_pkg_config", "check_pkg_config_mixed", "check_pkg_config_mixed_all",
+ "check_pkg_config_cflags", "check_cc", "check_statement", "check_libs",
"check_headers", "compose_checks", "check_true", "any_version",
"load_fragment", "check_stub", "check_ctx_vars", "check_program"]
@@ -69,24 +70,34 @@ def check_cc(**kw_ext):
return fn
def check_pkg_config(*args, **kw_ext):
- return _check_pkg_config(["--libs", "--cflags"], *args, **kw_ext)
+ return _check_pkg_config([], ["--libs", "--cflags"], *args, **kw_ext)
+def check_pkg_config_mixed(_dyn_libs, *args, **kw_ext):
+ return _check_pkg_config([_dyn_libs], ["--libs", "--cflags"], *args, **kw_ext)
+def check_pkg_config_mixed_all(*all_args, **kw_ext):
+ args = [all_args[i] for i in [n for n in range(0, len(all_args)) if n % 3]]
+ return _check_pkg_config(all_args[::3], ["--libs", "--cflags"], *args, **kw_ext)
def check_pkg_config_cflags(*args, **kw_ext):
- return _check_pkg_config(["--cflags"], *args, **kw_ext)
+ return _check_pkg_config([], ["--cflags"], *args, **kw_ext)
-def _check_pkg_config(_pkgc_args, *args, **kw_ext):
+def _check_pkg_config(_dyn_libs, _pkgc_args, *args, **kw_ext):
def fn(ctx, dependency_identifier, **kw):
argsl = list(args)
packages = args[::2]
verchecks = args[1::2]
sargs = []
pkgc_args = _pkgc_args
+ dyn_libs = {}
for i in range(0, len(packages)):
if i < len(verchecks):
sargs.append(packages[i] + ' ' + verchecks[i])
- if ctx.dependency_satisfied('static-build'):
+ if _dyn_libs and _dyn_libs[i]:
+ dyn_libs[packages[i]] = _dyn_libs[i]
+ if ctx.dependency_satisfied('static-build') and not dyn_libs:
pkgc_args += ["--static"]
defaults = {
@@ -108,6 +119,8 @@ def _check_pkg_config(_pkgc_args, *args, **kw_ext):
defkey = inflector.define_key(dependency_identifier)
if result:
ctx.define(defkey, 1)
+ for x in dyn_libs.keys():
+ ctx.env['LIB_'+x] += dyn_libs[x]
"'{0}' not found".format(" ".join(sargs)))