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vo_gpu: greatly increase maximum shader cache sizeHEADmaster
See #8137 for justification. This is not ideal, because a large cache results in a lot of `strcmp` invocations for every single shader invocation. But it's way better than resulting in a lot of shader recompilations for every single shader invocation. The only reason I don't want to uncap it altogether is because there are conceivable edge cases in which users load dynamically generated shaders with updated parameters (indeed, I've seen IRC discussions to this effect), and in this case, we don't want to grow the cache infinitely as a result of something like a floating point parameter being continuously updated. (Never mind that this *would* actually trigger worst case behavior for the `strcmp`, since the updated float constant is likely to be near the bottom of the shader body) Whatever. vo_placebo will liberate us all in the end.
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