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vd_lavc: add DR1 support
Replace libavcodec's native buffer allocation with code taken from ffplay/ffmpeg's libavfilter support. The code in lavc_dr1.c is directly copied from cmdutils.c. Note that this is quite arcane code, which contains some workarounds for decoder bugs and the like. This is not really a maintainance burden, since fixes from ffmpeg can be directly applied to the code in lavc_dr1.c. It's unknown why libavcodec doesn't provide such a function directly. avcodec_default_get_buffer() can't be reused for various reasons. There's some hope that the work known as The Evil Plan [1] will make custom get_buffer implementations unneeded. The DR1 support as of this commit does nothing. A future commit will use it to implement ref-counting for mp_image (similar to how AVFrame will be ref-counted with The Evil Plan.) [1]
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