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mp_image: refcounting helpers
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diff --git a/video/mp_image.h b/video/mp_image.h
index 69e9c87c19..c57d0a63e9 100644
--- a/video/mp_image.h
+++ b/video/mp_image.h
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
+#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
@@ -104,10 +105,25 @@
+/* Memory management:
+ * - mp_image is a light-weight reference to the actual image data (pixels).
+ * The actual image data is reference counted and can outlive mp_image
+ * allocations. mp_image references can be created with mp_image_new_ref()
+ * and free'd with talloc_free() (the helpers mp_image_setrefp() and
+ * mp_image_unrefp() can also be used). The actual image data is free'd when
+ * the last mp_image reference to it is free'd.
+ * - Each mp_image has a clear owner. The owner can do anything with it, such
+ * as changing mp_image fields. Instead of making ownership ambiguous by
+ * sharing a mp_image reference, new references should be created.
+ * - Write access to the actual image data is allowed only after calling
+ * mp_image_make_writeable(), or if mp_image_is_writeable() returns true.
+ * Conceptually, images can be changed by their owner only, and copy-on-write
+ * is used to ensure that other references do not see any changes to the
+ * image data. mp_image_make_writeable() will do that copy if required.
+ */
typedef struct mp_image {
unsigned int flags;
unsigned char type;
- int number;
unsigned char bpp; // bits/pixel. NOT depth! for RGB it will be n*8
unsigned int imgfmt;
int width,height; // internal to vf.c, do not use (stored dimensions)
@@ -128,18 +144,40 @@ typedef struct mp_image {
int chroma_y_shift; // vertical
enum mp_csp colorspace;
enum mp_csp_levels levels;
- int usage_count;
+ /* memory management */
+ int number, usage_count; // used by old VF/DR and vdpau code only
+ struct m_refcount *refcount;
/* for private use by filter or vo driver (to store buffer id or dmpi) */
void* priv;
} mp_image_t;
+#define alloc_mpi(w, h, fmt) mp_image_alloc(fmt, w, h)
+#define free_mp_image talloc_free
+#define new_mp_image mp_image_new_empty
+#define copy_mpi mp_image_copy
+struct mp_image *mp_image_alloc(unsigned int fmt, int w, int h);
+void mp_image_copy(struct mp_image *dmpi, struct mp_image *mpi);
+void mp_image_copy_attributes(struct mp_image *dmpi, struct mp_image *mpi);
+struct mp_image *mp_image_new_copy(struct mp_image *img);
+struct mp_image *mp_image_new_ref(struct mp_image *img);
+bool mp_image_is_writeable(struct mp_image *img);
+void mp_image_make_writeable(struct mp_image *img);
+void mp_image_setrefp(struct mp_image **p_img, struct mp_image *new_value);
+void mp_image_unrefp(struct mp_image **p_img);
+struct mp_image *mp_image_new_empty(int w, int h);
void mp_image_setfmt(mp_image_t* mpi,unsigned int out_fmt);
-mp_image_t* new_mp_image(int w,int h);
-void free_mp_image(mp_image_t* mpi);
+void mp_image_alloc_planes(struct mp_image *mpi);
+void mp_image_steal_data(struct mp_image *dst, struct mp_image *src);
+struct mp_image *mp_image_new_custom_ref(struct mp_image *img, void *arg,
+ void (*free)(void *arg));
-mp_image_t* alloc_mpi(int w, int h, unsigned long int fmt);
-void mp_image_alloc_planes(mp_image_t *mpi);
-void copy_mpi(mp_image_t *dmpi, mp_image_t *mpi);
+struct mp_image *mp_image_new_external_ref(struct mp_image *img, void *arg,
+ void (*ref)(void *arg),
+ void (*unref)(void *arg),
+ bool (*is_unique)(void *arg));
enum mp_csp mp_image_csp(struct mp_image *img);
enum mp_csp_levels mp_image_levels(struct mp_image *img);